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Fire rated Partition wall systems

Generally, fire resistant walls used for partitioning buildings and enclosing compartments will be required to provide a barrier to the passage of fire from one side to the other. Building Regulation requirements for use such as offices and factories, generally require a 30 minute upto a 2 hour  fire resistance rating to any partitioning within the area.

The walls must be able to satisfy each of the relevant criteria, such as integrity, insulation and in some cases, load bearing capacity.

Acoustic sound related Partition wall systems

Acoustic partition systems we can install, include British gypsum, Siniat, knauf partitions, the perfect choice for applications where sound and stringent fire performance are key requirements.

Acoustic partitions are designed to absorb a certain amount of sound, which is particularly important in office environments, where noise levels are generally increasing. Reducing the level of sound reverberation and harsh echoes in an office or meeting room is important in improving levels of sound clarity, and reducing the effects of background office noise which can be tiring and stressful.

Reduced levels of office noise contributes to increased productivity and improved employee well-being.

If you have a concern over the general level of noise in your office, contact our experienced team today to discuss how acoustic partitioning can help.

Metal stud Partition walls 

Metal stud partitions are non-load bearing internal partitions suitable for residential, commercial, industrial and retail developments. The different systems available can provide solutions for simple space division through to high-performance walls that need to meet high specification fire resistance, sound insulation and height requirements. These versatile systems are a fast and cost-effective method for internal layout solutions in both refurbishment and new build developments.

Demountable Office Partitions

Demountable Office Partitions are relocatable, quick to install and cost-effective.

This system has a module width of 1200mm and is constructed with aluminium H posts and channels. This forms an actual Partition thickness of 50mm with the use of Honeycomb panels. Both Solid and Glazing options are available in this system.

It’s important to remember that Demountable Partitions have low sound and fire value. They should be for room dividers only.

Glazed Partitions 

Glazed Partitions are another great addition to any Office environment.  Divide up your space while keeping the open feel and allowing light to pass through.  

Benefits of using Glazed Partitions:

  • Attractive, stylish and modern appearance.

  • Natural light passes through.

  • Time efficient install with minimal disruption.

  • Demountable and relocatable.

  • Many door options including Frameless and Sliding Glazed Doors.

  • Ability to apply creative Glass Manifestations.

  • Single Glazed, Double Glazed, Acoustic, Toughened, Fire Rated, and T-Bar.

  • Acoustic rating up to 47db.

  • All glass is BS EN 12150 as standard.

Traditional timber stud partitioning

Timber stud partitions provide basic space division where speed of installation is considered to be a lower priority. A wide range of performances are available depending upon the specification of British Gypsum linings, Gypframe metal components and Isover insulation.

  • High levels of acoustic performance are achievable through the use of a range of upgrades to the basic timber framework including Gypframe RB1 Resilient Bar,
    Gyproc SoundBloc and Isover Acoustic Partition Roll (APR 1200)

  • Can achieve up to 2 hours fire resistance through the use of Gyproc FireLine plasterboard

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