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Suspended Ceilings, Drop Ceiling, False Ceiling

A suspended ceiling is a secondary ceiling that is hung below the main structural soffit of a building. The ceiling system creates a void which can be used to conceal services such as electrical containment and ductwork, yet allows easy access for maintenance when required. This is a fast and lightweight metal frame construction that can be utilised in different areas of a building by using a range of tile types including metal and mineral fibre, these are now available in many finishes and colours. Specialist tiles can increase fire resistance, enhance sound absorption and be used in areas of high humidity.

Suspended Grid Ceilings

A typical suspended or false ceiling gridwork is made up from a combination of metal interlocking sections connected together to form the openings for ceiling tiles. The metal channels are formed in the shape of an upside down ‘T’ which is usually finished with a white paint to match the ceiling tiles inside.

MF Plasterboard Suspended Ceilings

Our installers can create Metal Framed, Plasterboard Ceilings to specification. This includes the construction of bulkhead designs.

Metal pan Suspended ceiling

 PET coated mild steel material for the ceiling tile and perimeter channel, the Metal pan Suspended ceiling system allows us to perfectly match our ceiling and wall finishes. Using a proprietary spring-T, suspended from a developed supporting structure, MRF Ceilings and Partitions can provide bespoke solutions using lattice beams and support frames, tailored to suit the site requirements and accommodate numerous scenarios where traditional suspension methods are restricted or prohibitive. With options to factory form cut-outs for small service requirements and an alternative acoustic absorption tile to reduce sound reverberation, the Metal pan suspended ceiling system provides a multitude of solutions for Controlled-environment, Healthcare, Commercial and Industrial sectors when a cost effective, flexible, adaptable, rapid-build and fully demountable ceiling system is required.

Acoustic Rafts, Baffles, and Wall panels 

Hanging baffles or rafts which are covered in soft acoustic fabric or made of foam, are designed to absorb sound waves rather than reflecting them. When placed at sound reflection points in a large room, a hanging baffle reduces sound reflections like echoes and reverberations.

Some ceiling rafts are directly suspended from a flat structural soffit or within coffers to allow free air movement to the structural slab for natural thermal mass cooling.

Concealed Grid Suspended ceilings

Concealed and semi-concealed ceilings create a continuous, monolithic look by concealing all, or most, of the grid system. Concealed and semi-concealed ceiling tiles are available in standard and large size tiles in a variety of materials.

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